婉拒面試英文範本:1分鐘單字速速記 Vocabulary

  • to get ahead of oneself (phrs. v.) 好高騖遠
  • decline (v.) 拒絕
  • to turn something/someone down (phrs. v.) 拒絕某人/事
  • self-explanatory (adj.) 不言自明的/就字面上而言
  • to push something/someone over the top (phrs. v.) 讓某人/事更超越原本目標/更上一層
  • to be in someone’s good books (phrs. v.) 留在某人的好名單內
  • to go without saying (phr. v.) 不言而喻
  • to throw one’s hat in the ring (phrs. v.) 參加競賽
  • to burn one’s bridges (phrs. v.) 斷某人後路
  • aspiration (n.) 志向;渴望達到的目標

婉拒面試英文範本:標準程序 S.O.P.

1.Secure a position 先確保有工作

This is very self-explanatory: don’t get ahead of yourself and make sure you have a plan before you turn down a job. Whether you’ve already accepted an offer somewhere else, or you want to keep on looking, never burn your bridges.

 2. Decide on how you want to respond 決定該怎麼回覆

Following suit is usually a safe way to approach this, but a personal phone call will definitely push you over the top, even if you’re no longer interested in the offer. Who knows, maybe your roads will cross again in the future. Always try to stay in a prospective employer’s good books.


3. Phrase your thoughts carefully 仔細地組織你的想法

This goes without saying but make sure to word your responses carefully. You don’t want to offend anyone regardless of how unfitting the position may be for you. Afterall, you’re the one who decided to throw your hat in the ring to begin with!



婉拒面試英文範本:常用句型 Common Phrases

If you’re looking to respond with an e-mail, stay tuned for our upcoming article on business emails and templates! For now, we’ve got you covered with some useful phrases that’ll round out what you want to say no matter what your reason for decline is.



You like the company and its visions, but not the job description.

Definitely bring up how the company vision inspires you and that you share common goals, but you feel like your expertise and experience would be more beneficial for the company from another position.


1.“I applause and am inspired by the company vision; however, I believe I will be more beneficial from a different angle.”


2.“The company and I share the same goals and vision in the field of ______. I will definitely have more to offer in terms of expertise and experience from (preferred position).”



You don’t like the company, from top to bottom.
Well, first of all, you probably shouldn’t have applied for the job in the first place. However, remember that there’s always a chance that both parties may meet again, so never show your dissatisfaction. You can simply inform them that you’ve already accepted an offer elsewhere, or you have other plans.


3.“Thank you for the great offer. Although I was very keen on this role, I have since been offered another job which is a closer fit to my career aspirations.”

4.“Many thanks for your offer of the position. I am afraid that after further consideration, I have decided to decline the offer.”很感謝您的認同以及工作機會,我近期恐怕有其他的考量,必須要先拒絕這份工作了。


You’re not happy with the money. 

This can get kind of ugly if you are not careful when showing your concerns in this aspect. However, you need to be honest without showing aggressiveness, or even threatening (for example, ‘If you don’t give me a better offer, you better find someone else.’).

這部分如果你沒有洽當的表達的話,現場可能會變得有點尷尬。你必須要以一種誠實卻又不會太過積極,更不能有威脅的態度來提出你的想法。(比如說: 你如果不給我更好的薪資,那你最好另請高明吧!)

5.“Thank you for the offer, but as much as I would like to take on this exciting opportunity, the salary is not in line with my needs at this time.”
6.“While I am very much interested in the position, the compensation does not meet my expectations. If there is a higher earning position you believe I might be qualified for, I would love to be considered for future opportunities!”


You want more time to think about the offer. 

Don’t take too much time after you’ve received an offer to think about it. They won’t wait around forever, but here are some phrases you can use to buy you some time:
7.“Thank you for the offer and I’m thrilled to have received it. Could you please let me know when you would need my confirmation? I would like to do a little more research if possible.”
感謝您的賞識,真的很高興收到通知。可以讓我知道何時跟您確認是比較洽當的呢? 我想對自己的狀況多做一點評估。
8“There are a few things I need to take into consideration, please kindly let me know when I need to give you an answer.”

Needless to say, if you’re reading this, employers are probably knocking on your door already! A ‘Congratulations!’ is in order! Even if it’s just for future references, we hope you’ll find the above helpful.













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