1分鐘單字速速記 Vocabulary

genre (n.) 風格
arise (v.) 出現
instrumental (adj.) 用樂器演奏的,器樂的
vocal (n.) 濁音
banjo (n.) 班卓琴
harmonica (n.) 口琴
synthesizer (n.) 電音合成器
catchy (adj.) 動聽易記的
characterize (v.) 是…的特徵
rhyme (v.) 押韻
chant (v.) 重複地說(或唱)
stem (v.) 起源於……、追溯回……
cultivate (v.) 養成、建立


音樂類型 Music Genres

When asked about music preferences, most English learners will say hip-hop, rock, or pop. However, maybe you meant to say other genres, you just didn’t know how. We’ve listed out all of the more common genres that we hear on the radio nowadays, along with some of the genre’s well-known musicians and their signature work.


Classical 古典樂

The term ‘classical music’ is a very general and broad term, but it typically refers to music composed by musicians who has an educational background and training in the art of composing music. Classical music arose during the Classical period (between 1730 and 1820). It’s usually pure instrumental, with no vocals.

Classical Music Artists 古典樂音樂家:Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Christian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Famous Classical Songs 知名古典樂曲:Symphony №40 in G minor, Symphony №5 in C minor, Für Elise, Moonlight Sonata

Folk / Country 民歌/鄉村歌曲

Although not as popular in Asia, folk and country music are both quite popular in some North American regions. This genre of music is usually composed of string instruments, such as acoustic guitar, banjos, as well as harmonicas.

Folk and Country Music Artists 民歌與鄉村歌曲家:Taylor Swift, Yang Hsuan, Johnny Cash
Famous Folk and Country Songs 民歌與鄉村歌曲:Love Story, Descendants of the Dragon, Ring of Fire

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) 電音

EDM music is fast-paced and has a catchy beat. It is also referred to as dance music, club music, and is typically made for nightclubs and parties. EDM songs use synthesizers to produce unique sounds. A lot of EDM pieces have no vocals.

EDM Artists 電音家:Avicii, Calvin Harris, Zedd
Famous EDM Songs 知名電音歌曲:Wake Me Up, Summer, The Middle

Hip-hop / Rap 嘻哈樂/饒舌樂

America is the birthplace of hip-hop music. It’s characterized by melodic rhythm and rhyming speech that is sung in a chanted way.

Hip-hop and Rap Artists 嘻哈樂與饒舌樂家:MJ116, Drake, Eminem
Famous Hip-hop and Rap Songs 知名嘻哈樂與饒舌樂歌曲:Fly Out, Hotline Bling, Rap God

Indie Rock 獨立音樂

Although not technically its own genre of music, indie rock means ‘independent’ rock; music that is composed and produced independently, or with low-budget labels.

Indie Rock Artists 獨立音樂家:No Party for Cao Dong, Arctic Monkeys, Fire Ex
Famous Indie Rock Songs 知名獨立音樂歌曲:Wayfarer, Do I Wanna Know?, Island’s Sunrise

R & B / Soul 節奏藍調/靈魂樂

R&B, or rhythm and blues, is a genre of music that arose in the 1940s from the African American culture and communities in the U.S. It has many elements, such as hip-hop, funk, and blues.
R&B and Soul Artists 節奏藍調與靈魂樂家:David Tao, Chris Brown, The Weeknd
Famous R&B and Soul Songs 知名節奏藍調與靈魂歌曲:Black Tangerine, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Can’t Feel My Face

Rock 搖滾音樂

Not many people know that rock music is actually a genre that evolved from rock and roll, and pop music during the 1960’s. A rather unique feature of rock music is that it usually centers in on the electric guitar. However, this genre has developed into a far more diverse category with many sub genres; such as alternative rock, glam rock, and metal.
不是大多數的人都知道rock music(搖滾樂)其實是一種從1960年代的rock and roll(也稱搖滾樂,但起源不同)和流行樂發展而來的一種風格。搖滾樂有一個相當獨特的特徵就是通常是以電吉他為中心。然而這個風格已經發展成一個有許多子分類也更加多樣化的類型。像是另類搖滾、華麗搖滾和重金屬搖滾。
Rock Artists 搖滾樂家:Linkin Park, One Republic, Led Zeppelin
Famous Rock Songs 知名搖滾樂歌曲:Numb, Apologize, Stairway to Heaven

Jazz/Blues 爵士樂/藍調

The soothing, therapeutic music genre has deep roots in the African-American communities, stemming from all the way back in the 1870s. At the time, the African-American slaves would all sing along as they work. It was also called spiritual and work songs. Jazz is a genre that was later developed from blues.
Jazz and Blues Artists 爵士樂與藍調家:Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall
Famous Jazz and Blues Songs 知名爵士樂與藍調歌曲:What a Wonderful World, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Cry Me a River

Pop 流行樂

Pop music is a vague term that defines modern popular music. It has borrowed elements from other genres; such as dance, rock, and sometimes even country. Different cultures have also cultivated their own version of pop music; such as J-Pop, Mando-pop, international pop.
Pop music是一個很模糊的用詞,它也定義了現代流行音樂。它借用了其他風格的要素,像是舞曲、搖滾樂,有時候甚至是鄉村音樂。不同的文化建立了他們自己版本的流行音樂,像是日文流行樂、中文流行樂和國際流行樂。
Pop Artists 流行樂家:Jay Chou, Utada Hikaru, Ariana Grande
Famous Pop Songs 知名流行樂歌曲:Secret, First Love, 7 Rings

如何討論音樂 Talking About Music

Talking about music can be really simple, but it can also get really deep. We’re going to introduce some more musical terms that you may hear when people are discussing and talking about music.


Melody 旋律

the pitch and theme of the song

Harmony 和諧

the chord and accompanying notes

Rhythm 韻律

the beat and tempo

Dynamics 動力

the overall flow and volume (pianissimo to fortissimo)

Tone 音調

the range, and instrumental family

Texture 質地

the different melodies and their relationship with each other

Form 形式

the different orders of sections that form a song (verse, bridge, chorus, etc.)

What we’ve talked about today is definitely far from the technicality of music theory. However, it takes years of studies to be able to analyze any form of music at such a sophisticated level. We just hope to be able to give you some more topics and words to use the next time you want to chat about music. Just try to be as expressive as you can! Use your imagination. After all, music, like any art, is subjective!

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genre (n.) 風格
arise (v.) 出現
instrumental (adj.) 用樂器演奏的,器樂的
vocal (n.) 濁音
banjo (n.) 班卓琴
harmonica (n.) 口琴
synthesizer (n.) 電音合成器
catchy (adj.) 動聽易記的
characterize (v.) 是…的特徵
rhyme (v.) 押韻
chant (v.) 重複地說(或唱)
stem (v.) 起源於……、追溯回……
cultivate (v.) 養成、建立





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